Dine In at Yellowfin and Get a Free Trip to Japan

20-04-2014 01:04:51 By Muhammad Ishlah Alfath

Kihada Chan is the mascot of Yellowfin Sake Bar and Kitchen. She is turning two years old and would love to celebrate her birthday by flying a lucky YFriend and his or her loved one to her birth city, Tokyo, Japan as a tradition that she holds dearly. Mr. Ario Pratomo (@sheggario) was the first to win Kihada Chan’s Japan Trip last year. Keen to go to Tokyo, his strategy to win was to eat at Yellowfin as often as he could throughout Kihada Chan’s birthday month. The very first step to participate in this campaign is to get a food passport, which will be available at our outlets throughout May 2014. The next step is to stay tuned for more details to make sure that one won’t miss any chance to be the winner (Facebook: www.facebook.com/yellowfinOPCO or Twitter: @YellowfinOPCO). Direct link to Kihada Chan’s Japan Trip page: http://ow.ly/vKFFG Terms and conditions:

  • To join Kihada Chan’s Japan Trip, participant must enquire Food Passport from Yellowfin staffs.
  • Kihada Chan’s Japan Trip is valid at both Yellowfin Senopati and Grand Indonesia. One Food Passport is valid for one participant.
  • Participant can choose one or more packages from the listed menu in the Food Passport. The package can be selected in a random order, but not more than once.
  • Participant will get a stamp on the Food Passport and a boarding pass for each package that is chosen.
  • Participant is allowed to have a new Food Passport if he/she has already purchased all listed menu in the Food Passport.
  • Participant should bring the food passport for every purchase to be validated.
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